How to Give to Your Employees This Holiday Season

The holidays are a perfect time to give a token of appreciation to the people who work hard every day for the success of your company. Aside from regular paychecks and bonuses, people like the continuous reminders that their efforts are noticed and valued by who they work for.

Maybe you typically do something small for your employees, but this is the perfect year to spend a little bit more than usual to truly show that you are thankful for the people who stuck by your side as you navigated this crazy year.

Cash is an easy go-to, gift cards are an option, but when you want to be more creative and personal, where do you even start? It can be challenging to find a gift that everyone will enjoy and use, especially in a COVID quarantined year.

Encourage Life at Home

Since leaving the house and gathering is not a vital option in the current pandemic state, you’ll need to think outside of the box and inside of the home when it comes to gift giving.

Consider providing at-home meal experiences, movie streaming services, and other safe activities that promote family time. Recognize that your employees live a life outside of work and give them gifts related to that!

Or, maybe this year you take advantage of the opportunity to help your employees create spaces around their homes that foster growth, wellbeing, and productivity.

Just months ago, the work from home transition shook the industry, but no longer is it a crazy concept that many office employees are working remotely at least part time.  People are making do with their kitchen tables and TV trays, but it is time to create more permanent places in their homes that are ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

Could you provide height adjustable desks for each of your employees? Or let them choose between fixed desking options to match their styles?

It may seem backward to give employees a gift that focuses on their job and increasing their daily work outputs, but really when providing these products, you are investing in their personal spaces for years to come. Employees will be thrilled when they no longer have back aches from hunching over at their makeshift workspaces and will be excited about owning long-term products that they can carry with them.

Focus on Wellbeing

To complement WFH areas, gifts that focus on wellbeing are perfect for anyone. Plants, candles, and essential oil diffusers make great desk decorations with proven benefits for reducing stress.

Other self-care items can be trickier when trying to please an array of people, but examples could include massage coupons, gym memberships, and blankets (including weighted blankets).

In a year of unknowns and upside-downs, creating safe spaces and taking care of your employees is vital. Giving gifts not only shows your appreciation but a gift of value also supplies a good boost to your employees’ motivation and returned appreciation for the company.

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