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2023 Summer Design Trends

Incorporating unique, bright colors The first popular design trend heading into summer 2023 is the addition of bright colors. After an era of neutrals where...

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Home Away from Home

The ways in which offices are designed has changed tremendously over time. From cubicles to open offices to, lately, hybrid and dynamic office spaces. Estimating...

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Woman standing at desk

Sit Stand Desking

Reminder! Sitting all day is bad for you! You probably read that and said “duh”, but it’s WAY too common to do it without even...

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choosing color for an office

Psychology of Color Design

With an effort to remain professional and stay “on trend”, many office spaces are designed using only neutral colors. Various shades of gray, white, or...

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Team smiling for the camera

Workplace Culture

What is workplace culture? We all know that a positive culture is vital to employee hiring and retainment. But, what is embodied in culture and...

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office design with hospitality feel

Hospitality in Office Design

It may come as a surprise, but there’s a significant number of similarities between a hotel and an office space: the expectations of the quality,...

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