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Home Away from Home

The ways in which offices are designed has changed tremendously over time. From cubicles to open offices to, lately, hybrid and dynamic office spaces.

Estimating a 40-hour work week, we can conclude that employees spend on average 2,080 hours in the office each year. That may even be more than they are enjoying many of the rooms in their own houses, figuring additional hours for sleep and out-of-home activities.

More or less, we’ve seen the desire for comfortable, fun, and productive work environments. The newest commercial office trends are homes away from home.



To sit in the same office chair for a full 8 hours is not only unhealthy, but exhausting. A sit stand desk provides the opportunity to stand and move a bit while still completing required tasks.

Agility’s electric height adjustable desks move to the position perfect for each employee with the simple push of a button. Learn more by visiting https://theagilitycompany.com/our-products/height-adjustable-desking/.

Add in a couch and a flexible space for breaks and meetings and you have created an intriguing environment for employees to enjoy coming.



Once the right furniture is in place, the accessories are what tops off a space. Plants and decorations allow employees to bring their personality into the workspace.

Whether you prefer simple line artwork, pictures of your family, or detailed paintings, creating a space that fits both your brand but also your lifestyle is crucial.

Playing with colors is another way to pull at emotions – creating a homey, energetic, or focused space. Learn more about the psychology of colors by checking out a previous Agility blog at https://theagilitycompany.com/psychology-of-color-design/.


Ultimately, no matter how you approach it, the office is an important place to invest. As you design, think differently to create a home away from home!

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