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Psychology of Color Design

With an effort to remain professional and stay “on trend”, many office spaces are designed using only neutral colors. Various shades of gray, white, or beige are taking over the country and making their way into waiting rooms, classrooms, offices, break rooms, and more. While we love a good neutral, we encourage you to look at how you could add that pop of color to brighten up your spaces!

Colors are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they take out the bland, ordinary feel you may have otherwise! With the right color palette and proper designing, you can attract new talent and customers, and liven up your existing interiors!


Emotions related to color

Did you know that certain colors have the ability to elicit specific emotions? Studies have shown colors and tones to cause various reactions and are associated with a rise and fall of heart rates.

Different shades play toward different connotations of feelings, but generally, each color has an overall trend. Depending on how each color is used, a negative or positive emotion could take place. For example, red increases heart rate and energizes your body. In a negative space, this could reflect anger and is often used this way in movies. In a more positive light, however, red also reflects passion and love, which is seen commonly, especially around certain holidays.

Below are the general, favorable outcomes of each color family.

Red: passion and love. Orange: bravery and optimism. Yellow: happiness and creativity. Green: nature and stability. Blue: peace and trust. Purple: royalty and imagination.

Think of the brands you know and love. Do their logos and brand colors reflect these statements?

Overall, there is still room for deep psychological research to be done on the topic of color and emotion. While many ideas exist on how color affects the brain, more studies will need to be completed for final conclusions. We do know, however, that color works in the subconscious and may vary slightly from person to person.


Designing your space

As you take steps to design a new space, think of these colors and how you want your employees to feel. Yellow is a great color to keep people joyful, blue allows people to work calmly, and red elicits passion and a fire within employees.

Color can be implemented in a variety of ways. With furniture or wall paint, you’re choosing a more “permanent” option since these are larger investments. Accessories, however, make it easy to switch between colors.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach adding colors, so it is important to know your options and choose the best route for your business.


Choosing Agility

While our standard offering at Agility consists of black, white, and silver powder coat options, we also offer the ability to choose from a large array of non-standard colors for a custom project! When your furniture is your chosen method for implementing color into your space, look no further. It’s our goal to make it easy to create exactly what you’re looking for.

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