Modern Holiday Color Trends

When we think of the holiday, traditional color pairs are the first that pop into mind – meaning, green and red represent Christmas and should be used to decorate around the season.

But as modern-day styles continue to rise, what if there were other options that were just as festive and felt a little more “you”?  Check out these popular color trends that are guaranteed to spruce up your home this holiday season!


Black and Gold

Feeling a little fancy? This classical take on traditional holiday décor will wow any crowd! Take on this look by incorporating elements of sparkle or shiny metal. Gold garland, beautiful black and gold wreaths, and dining sets that bring the look together inspire this design. Its elegance will take your Christmas get-togethers to a new level.

The best part? You’ll be able to re-use some of your decorations for a sophisticated New Year’s Eve party.


Teal and White

This light and fun color combination is perfect for a crowd of all ages. Its whimsical nature adds a breath of fresh air into the holiday. While it may be out of the box compared to your neighbors, it also follows parallel to the colors of snow and winter.

Add even more excitement to the trend by implementing an additional bright green or pink.


Cream and Navy

This style is chic and makes it easy to leave the green and red scheme in the past. Its mix between elegant and farmhouse makes this trend perfect for a variety of homes and spaces.

The cream functions an easy-on-the-eye shade, especially compared to traditional stark whites, and navy adds a deep contrast, for perfect balance and successful décor.


Pink and Red

Pink and red traditionally represent Valentine’s Day, but don’t let that fool you; these colors make a beautiful pair for Christmas too! The pair is sweet and merry, and a little out of the box.

Who says the colors of love can’t represent a holiday of giving and new beginnings?


Brown and Green

Last but definitely not least, brown and green. Stay down-to-earth with this color trend and enjoy a more natural approach to the holidays. This look matches a diverse number of settings, but unlike some other options, it fits perfectly with the more traditional, warm house. Achieve this look by decorating with greenery and burlap.


While these are beautiful designs in your homes, they will work just as well in your office and at your team holiday celebrations. Don’t forgot about the spaces in your lobby and around your desk that can use some holiday cheer!

Investing in festive decorations for your buildings is not only great for the moral of your employees, but also brings great joy to customers and other visitors.

So as you plan your spaces, figure out what represents you, and don’t be afraid to get a little un-traditional in your décor.

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