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New Year, New Office Furniture?

The new year brings about many new beginnings. Maybe you’ve made a plan to eat healthier, hit the gym on a consistent basis, or start the project that you’ve been putting off. Maybe you’re working to improve your mental health, take steps to thrive in your career, or enjoy more “you” time.

While everyone’s 2022 goals may look different, each one is leading to a path to better themselves in the way that fits their life. While we often focus our goals on the self, it’s important to also focus our goals in the areas we are surrounded by. How can we adjust the spaces we spend each day to have a better impact on who we want to be?


A space that many of us spend 40+ hours each week is the office. Whether this is a home office or a corporate office, the furniture and set-up of the space is crucial to our overall wellbeing.

If you’re reading this as someone managing the furniture or interior design of your business, take note of how changes may improve the space for you and your employees. To all other readers, understand any simple changes that can be made and think specifically of what you can control, like your home office.


First, and notably important, is the incorporation of ergonomics. Elements such as height adjustability within your desk and the addition of monitor arms to your setup could make the difference between comfortable work versus experiencing aches and pains.

Proper ergonomics are vital to ample productivity, physical health, and mental health. They work to engage your body in proper posture to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, soreness, and fatigue. Height adjustable desks provide the flexibility for movement between positions that are natural for your body, without taking you away from your work. For examples of height adjustable desks designed for wellness, visit our products page. Each option is part of a curated offering of sleek and stylish tables that promote movement for effortless ergonomics.


A second consideration is the lighting in your office. Windows that offer natural lighting are beneficial for mental health and help to promote a general positive mood. Offering elements of daylight to your office versus working in a closed-in space will ultimately affect your productivity and your day-to-day outlook. Additionally, specific task lighting and overhead lighting is important to prevent eye strain, and taking steps to reduce any glare on your screens is a good practice.


While discussing new year’s resolutions, the simple office add-ons that may seem silly, are actually quite necessary in contributing to being your best self. These “add-ons” include things like desk decorations, design elements on the walls, and the colors you surround yourself with. While implementing crucial elements, such as the right furniture with ergonomics, don’t forget about the elements that will make you smile and affect your day-to-day mindset!


It is 2022. Let’s leave the days of old furniture in the past and make a commitment to invest in safe, ergonomic, furniture and truly focus on improving not only our own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of those in our company.

For questions on how to improve your office space, our team is happy to help! You can reach us by visiting our contact page or simply learn more about our products on our website. Happy New Year and happy re-designing!

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