Why you should invest in a height adjustable desk

Your old-school average desk, a modern-day standing desk, or an innovative height adjustable desk? The options you encounter as you choose which workspace to invest in seem endless. But choosing the “right” one is actually simply obvious.

Height adjustable desks aren’t just a happy middle between the options; they actually offer benefits exclusive to the flexibility between sitting and standing.


Why we shouldn’t sit all day

Sitting for long periods not only increases the chances of becoming overweight, but it also has been linked to heart disease, cancers, depression, and overall soreness.

Even a long work out after an 8-hour period of sitting isn’t enough to combat these side effects. Taking periodic breaks to walk to get water, stand and stretch, or possibly the best option, do some of your work in a standing position, are the best ways to prevent the harmful effects of sitting.

Musculoskeletal disorders are frequent from arched backs and prolonged unnatural body positions. Constant aches and pains, as well as more serious conditions, are common among sedentary lifestyles and careers.


Why we shouldn’t stand at a desk all day

When someone stands, their lower body engages, and muscles in the legs, abdomen, and gluteus are used. Keeping these muscles strong are important for common, everyday tasks. However, standing at a desk for too long, because of this muscle engagement, has the same negative effects as sitting. Musculoskeletal disorders occur in the legs and lower back pain is a likely addition to your discomfort.

Again, similar to sitting and probably contrary to popular belief, standing for long periods can also increase your chances of heart disease. This is due to a few different factors, including an increase of pressure in the veins and oxidative stress.

While a couple hours won’t make this happen, a full day on the clock at a standing desk will.


The goal: move between sitting and standing frequently

The only way to prevent everything listed above, is to move between sitting and standing frequently, which is where a height adjustable desk becomes crucial. Slowly work your way to a 1:1 ratio and don’t forget to include other ergonomic accessories, such as proper chairs, monitor arms, and anti-fatigue mats.

The price tag may be a bit more intimidating but investing in your short- and long-term health is crucial. So, as you debate between your options, think about reducing back and neck pain, stimulating blood circulation, and engaging your mind – all pointing to a height adjustable desk.

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